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To Make the World a More Beautiful Place, One Screen Door at A Time.

We Are Small Business Located in Pennsylvania.

In 2012, my wife wanted to replace the traditional aluminum screen door on our 80-year-old colonial home. It was the classic, screen door with an image of a horse drawn carriage on the front.

This first stop was to the two big box stores. There were two options: metal and expensive or poorly constructed wood doors. Next was the local hardware store. Metal, limited selection and expensive. Most of the doors were made outside of the USA. 

After an internet search we found a company that made beautifully crafted, wooden screen doors. I think we are still making payments on that door. It was beautiful but very expensive. There had to be a better way.

That same house had three additional exterior entrances with doors that needed replacing. My obsession with wooden screen doors began there. With trial, error, time and a patient wife, I created a way to make wooden screen doors that are solidly built and affordable. 

With each wooden screen door that has been made for family, friends and customers, the mission became clear: Making the World a More Beautiful Place, One Screen Door at a Time.

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