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Accurate Measurements Are Essential.
Measuring options

Accurate Measurements Are Essential To Create A Wooden Screen That Is Functional And Long Lasting

My Wooden Screen Door offers three options to get the most accurate measurements for your new door.

Onsite Measuring

On Site Measurement

On site measurements are available for those properties that are within a 25 mile radius of our Philadelphia location. There is a $99 fee for this service.

Facetime Measurements

Facetime Video

We will walk you through the measuring process using Face Time. A tape measure that extends beyond the height of the doorway is required. There is a $39 fee for this service.

Self Measurements

Self Measuring

Review the instructions below. Upon completion, we will confirm the measurements via e-mail. At that time it is recommended that you measure the opening again to ensure accuracy.

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How To Measure?

To Ensure Proper Measurements For Installation

To properly self-measure a door frame, you will need to use a tape measure and measure the height and width of the opening, ensuring that you take into account any trim or molding around the frame.

Measure Twice, cut Once

Follow the picture to determine height and width of your opening. Measure twice, cut once.