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Select from Unpainted, Stained or Painted.
painting options

The Finish: To paint or not to paint.

Your door can arrive unpainted, primed & ready to paint or primed, primed & painted.


If you choose to have your door arrive unpainted, we highly recommend coating the entire door front, back, top, bottom and sides with a finish that will extend the life of the door and ensure the functionality of it for many years. Your local paint store will be able to guide you through this process.


We use two coats of high-quality exterior primer. Your door will arrive ready for its finished coats. The cost of this service is $97.


We will coat your primed door with two coats of Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior Latex Paint. The color and finish are yours to choose. Once these choices have been made, forward this information to us via email. We take it from there.

It is recommended that you begin this process as early as possible. Sherwin Williams offers in-store and online services to assist in color selection.

We do not receive anything from Sherwin Williams for this recommendation. Sherwin Williams makes high-quality, durable paint and with over 4,000 stores they provide great accessibility to our customers in the markets we serve.

The cost of this service is $70.

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